Community of Inquiry in Teacher Education (CITE)

The CITE cohort embodies community oriented inquiry in teacher education in four ways:

A community of learners
The CITE community is a collaboration of teacher candidates and instructors. Learning to teach is a collective responsibility, and each individual contributes actively in the development of a positive learning environment.

School based coursework
In some cases, there are opportunities to enact coursework within a school community. CITE students learn about teaching strategies, methods, and practice, while critically examining the underlying roots of current educational thinking. Within an actual school environment, this can take place while teaching children, receiving advice from teachers, consulting with school administrators, and continuing to interact with course instructors.

District level participation
The Richmond school district embraces innovation. CITE is pleased to work in partnership with various initiatives, including inquiring into the use of technology in imaginative and critical ways that support learning.

Recursion and growth
CITE is also a large, far-reaching community composed of current students and past graduates who are now teachers. Many of the latter continue to contribute to the development of the CITE community by advising, providing inservice, and instructing current CITE students. This recursive influence fosters a unique, dynamic, growing community that maintains an ongoing conversation among the profession, the academy, and aspiring teachers.






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